Head of Finance

Head of finance
Angela Steigenberger

Why did you decide to come and work for ZELTWANGER?
I worked previously for a tax consultant and I was really keen to get back into industry where I had worked before for 7 years. I simply wanted to go back to a more practically-based role closer to actual business processes.

During my interview, I already knew that I wanted to come and work at ZELTWANGER. Looking back, I was attracted even at that early stage by the vision I could see being put into day-to-day practice, although nobody actually used the word "vision" at the time. I was drawn by the personal and appreciative manner I witnessed among colleagues.

What makes you happiest at the moment?
I enjoy growing in step with the company - from a small mechanical engineering firm to a corporate group comprising 6 independent companies.

This naturally presents ever new challenges in the finance department. We work to solve these independently as part of a team which enjoys a high level of autonomy. There is definitely never any standing still here in the company. We are continuously developing further, and we work together to address the challenges we face on a daily basis.

What are the particular goals that drive you?
My goal is to ensure that the Holding is there functioning as a service provider for our other companies - by providing the best possible support through information and evaluation. This will provide a solid basis for further growth and ensure that the group is financially secured.