Head of the Electrical Assembly Department

Head of the Electrical Assembly Department
Hans-Georg Künstle

Why did you decide to come and work for ZELTWANGER?
That is something of a long story: My apprenticeship was as an energy appliance electronics technician in a medium-sized company. My former tutor, who now works at the electrical design department at ZELTWANGER, asked me one day whether I could support him as an external employee at ZELTWANGER. My former employer didn't object.

Over a period of 2 years, we implemented a number of projects together. In October 2007, I then joined ZELTWANGER full time and ever since I have gradually taken over a position of responsibility.

What makes you happiest at the moment?
I am currently really thrilled about the enormous growth happening at ZELTWANGER - even if this sometimes does throw up significant challenges in terms of capacity planning. But we'll manage it.

What are the particular goals that drive you?
Growth always brings with it new structures and changes. One of my goals is to continue to coordinate this growth, in terms of capacity, material and manpower.

I feel entirely comfortable in my job. Thanks to our continued further development, I have no doubt that this job will continue to stretch me.