Our work in the future

There is one common principle that applies to families, clubs and associations or companies: Forging a bond between the members of any group and following a common goal engenders a sense of belonging, releases creative energy and makes working together a source of enormous satisfaction. This type of environment allows those involved to express their ideas, to feel confident and eager to give the best they can - and so contribute towards the common goal.

I am a believer in mature, adult, capable people, and it is my pleasure to welcome people of this caliber into our company. We can offer them the ideal playing field in which to develop and perfect their skills. Our aim in each of our companies is to offer our customers the greatest possible benefit and to provide impetus to the market place as an innovation and technology leader.

We only produce things which provide benefit to people.

The ZELTWANGER Group was born out of the ambition to create a better way of doing business and working together. This ambition is reflected to this day in the vision of our founder and in our mission statement.


Ulrich Zeltwanger