Creating innovative solutions through joint endeavor

At ZELTWANGER, the work we do is varied and poses ever new challenges. As a company committed to the achievement of maxi-mum precision and innovation, mass production is not what we are about. Every part, every assembly and every plant we engineer is different to the next. Continuous repetition and monotonous work processes have no place at ZELTWANGER. This poses stringent demands on the technical skills and professional qualifications of the ZELTWANGER workforce. Flexibility, a focus on solution finding, and creativity are among the most important characteristics we look for in ZELTWANGER employees, alongside a sense of team spirit, independent responsibility and an appreciative attitude.

Benefiting from the very best conditions

Any employer which values a sense of responsibility in its workforce has a duty to provide the basis for successful working. This applies to the technical aspects, as well as to the personal development of each and every individual. The corporate culture must allow successful interaction, offer employees the freedom to make their own decisions, and encourage them to take pleasure in their work. We take these obligations very seriously at ZELTWANGER. Our actions are shaped by a frank and fair approach, by appreciation and encouragement of each individual to develop their strengths. We offer our employees…

… a work environment in bright and open spaces,

… ultra-modern technology,

… flat hierarchies,

… scope to take their own decisions and develop individual strengths,

… internal career opportunities to promote personal development,

… opportunities for further training and education,

… individual career planning,

… the chance to gather experience abroad or pursue a career in our upcoming factories in the US and the Czech Republic and

… achievement-oriented remuneration.